Writing Portfolio

Both of us appreciate and enjoy the effective use of language, so it is not surprising that we are tempted to try our hand at it.

Elsa is the serious writer.  After her retirement she decided to make a positive effort to improve her literary skills by joining the local U3A (University of the Third Age) writing group and our library reading circle.  After two years distance learning with the University of Lancaster she obtained a Certificate in Writing, which gave her the courage to apply, successfully, for a place on the MA in Writing course at Warwick University.  You may sample some of her efforts here.

My writing is much more modest.  Lacking the essential creativity needed for story writing, I confine myself to factual pieces like the engaging story of my Russian stepfather, or attempts at humorous doggerel about occasional memorable events in our own lives. Encouraged by the snippets I glean from Elsa's studies I have written a lengthy reflection on my own life, which I may include here if I ever consider it passes muster.  Follow this link to read some of my writing.

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