I have loved fast cars all my life.  As a boy I was introduced to motor sport by my Uncle Jack, who would take me to Goodwood and point out all the cars and drivers.  At university I was a dedicated member of the motor club, but my Morris Minor was not ideally suited to motor sport!  However I had a Greek friend who owned a hot mini, which we exercised with great gusto on every available opportunity.

After 35 years of family saloons and Volvo estates we were finally without resident children or dogs, so we bought an MGF.  After a fabulous four and a half years of open-top motoring, making friends around the world and winning an occasional pot, we began to wonder what next.  For the enthusiastic driver there is really only one marque - Porsche.

The old and the new

We bought our first Boxster in the summer of 2000 and quickly knew we had made the right choice.  It had a sophistication which is hard to describe; fantastic finish, attention to detail, spectacular engineering are all attributes that immediately spring to mind.  Close your eyes (as a passenger!) and you could be in a limousine, drive the bends and you are on rails, put your right foot down (law permitting) and you're ready for take-off.  It was therefore inevitable that as new models were released we could not resist a second, and then a third, new Boxster.

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