Manwood's School Photograph - May 1954

Names last updated on 28th February 2012 ~ 293 of 333 (88%) identified

Manwoods 1954 Identify Left Identify Centre Identify Right

Welcome, especially to Old Manwoodians of the Fifties.  The photograph above was taken in May 1954 when Manwoods had just 333 staff and pupils.

To view a bigger version click Enlarge.  To view the identities of individuals click on the left / centre / right of this photograph and a captioned version of your selected third will appear.  To find a named individual:
  1.   Scroll down the alphabetical list on the right.
  2.   Note the number against the selected name.
  3.   001-114 click left, 115-223 click centre; 224-333 click right

If you have any additions or corrections to the names or initials shown then please the details and I will update them.

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